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White Lands

- Hazelnuts D'elite -

Our farm with its Bio, Igp products

Since 1980 our tradition our life our passion

Much more than a product

The properties of the hazelnut

Dried fruit is a product that is not only used in the kitchen, but also as a "strategic" diet. Hazelnut is one of these: thanks to its many properties, it helps our body to fight some diseases

The projects

The projects of our company are numerous, but those that are most dear to us are those that help our territory to come back to life. More precisely, the use of technologies for the protection of the landscape: thanks to the recycling of waste from processing (the so-called BIOMASS), the wood of the pelleted kernel and the same hazelnut shells become an excellent source of heat and renewable energy.

The benefits of our hazelnuts

Thanks to its unsaturated fatty acids, it is able to fight cardiovascular diseases (bad cholesterol.

The hazelnut is also rich in vitamins (B and E), iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium.

They are also an energetic fruit, rich in fiber, omega 9 and "good" carbohydrates, excellent for giving our body energy

Our certifications

The areas of our company are the best in the world and therefore we at Terre Bianche are committed to making it exploit with all the necessary means: IGP which recalls the origin of this great product and the precise geographical position of our hills. The BIO brand: a brand that represents the clean and natural way, with which hazelnuts are processed without polluting the environment

The processes

With the new technologies, great “Terre Bianche” products are obtained. The shelling, roasting, graining and refining of the dough: these are the main processes that allow our company to create products that satisfy the wholesale customer (with calibrated hazelnuts and roasting percentages they want) and the private customer, who wants the highest quality. .

THE Vegan Food

Even if we do not have the VeganFood certification, our organic foods are 100% organic using natural treatments and without the use of animal-based products, for a company policy we did not want to do the certification even if we have all the credentials to request it!

I need to know the history of a food. I need to know where it comes from. I have to imagine the hands that have grown, worked and cooked what I eat.
(Carlo Petrini)
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