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From 1980 simple quality

The company

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The company born among the sweet and white lands of the hills among Langa and Monferrato, known as UNESCO Heritage. 

Marvellous Villages and outstanding views enriched by majestic cultures that complete our hazelnut manufacturer company. The TERRE BIANCHE farm is situated in Castagnole delle Lanze, city that is exactly located among the cities of Alba and Asti. The cultivation of the hazel three is always practiced in this tiny village from one generation to another, handing down  the  harvest of the most delicious Hazelnut in the world. 

We decided to take this path not only to continue the traditions of our City, but mainly to give value to the sacrifices and efforts  of our fathers and grandfathers. 

Using all the innovations means that are given us we tough to create certified gourmet quality products for any need and palate.

IGP Piedmont gentle tound trilobite Hazelnut from Langhe

The Hazelnut we produce is the IGP Piedmont gentle tound trilobite: it is considered an excellence, with a unique and unmistakable round shape with three lobes, a crispy body and a profoundly sweet taste. It is a product that only the white earths in our Langhe and Monferrato can give. 

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