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We are proud to present the semi-finished products line, obtained with our Piedmont PGI hazelnut, winner in 2016, 2018, 2020 of the "Quality and Taste" award

sgusciate crude.jpg


IGP Piedmont Shelled raw Hazelnut

It is the raw version of the IGP Piedmont “TONDA GENTILE TRILOBATA”, just the Hazelnut without its shell. Its typical dark skin contains the majority of antioxidants and it is rich in polyphenols. It has round shape and three lobes with a crisp body and a particular taste, really sweet with aromatic notes of honey, wood, tobacco and coconut



IGP Piedmont Hazelnut flavour

It is more minced than the grain and it is used in substitution of the classic wheat flavor to prepare confectionaries or savories. It is suitable also for gluten intolerant people.



 IGP Piedmont Roasted Hazelnut

The roasted Hazelnut are avory coloured with a huge caliber. The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut is a great crispy snack. It can be accompanied by a good sparkling wine, a good aperitif or a cheese and cold cut cutting board. The IGP Piedmont Hazelnut perfectly pairs with many enogastronomic products and it is usable in many different plates, from patisserie to culinary and that’s why it is really appreciated

pasta di nocciole.jpg


Paste with 100% IGP Piedmont Hazelnut

It is the most used semi-finished product by pastry chefs and ice cream shops since it is 100% Hazelnut concentrated and a just a tiny quantity is needed to make an intense flavor. It is really appreciated by fitness lovers since it takes part in the high protein content food category and rich in healthy fats.



IGP Piedmont Hazelnut grain

It is just toasted and chopped Hazelnut mainly used for confectionery decoration but it is also appreciated with savories like raw meat or can be used to coat fresh cheese, or with fish.



Oil with100% IGP Piedmont Hazelnut

It is the result of cold pressed IGP Piedmont Hazelnut. It become a gourmet product rich in healthy fats such as omega 3, vitamins e, b6, b1, b2. It is mainly used to season raw meats and salads for its refined taste, and for cosmetics also to soften the skin.

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