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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

For a minimum cost, Terre Bianche offers free shipping of all its products to buyers residing in countries that can be selected when indicating the shipping address.

The buyer assumes responsibility for entering a correct delivery address. If something should go wrong with the shipment of an order due to a delivery address incorrectly communicated by the buyer, Terre Bianca declines as of now any responsibility for any (partial) loss of the shipment. In the event that Terre Bianche needs further information relating to a specific delivery address, the buyer may be contacted by Terre Bianche with the request to provide further information. Should additional information regarding the delivery address be required, there may be a delay in delivery.

Terre Bianche will make every reasonable effort to deliver the ordered product to the delivery address indicated within the expected delivery terms.

If a certain delivery should be delayed or if it is not possible to make it or only partially, the buyer will be informed of this eventuality as soon as reasonably possible after placing the order. In this case, the buyer will have the right to withdraw from the contract without any charge.

The risk of damage and / or loss of the products is borne by Terre Bianche until the time of delivery to the specified address, unless otherwise explicitly agreed upon.

In the event that the buyer should receive a product that he has not ordered, he must notify Terre Bianche as soon as possible (within 12 hours of receiving the order) via e-mail (or via the contact page of the Site. ). In this case, the buyer will carry out the shipment for the return of the product after having received specific instructions from Terre Bianche, which will bear the shipping costs and who will subsequently send the correct product to the buyer, provided that this 'last has scrupulously followed the instructions to make the return provided by Terre Bianche.

In the event that a product delivered to the buyer is damaged or incomplete, the buyer will be required to notify the customer service of Terre Bianche as soon as possible (within 24 hours of receiving the order) through the contacts provided on the site. . Terre Bianche will decide how to solve the problem that arose. The customer must always inform Terre Bianche in the case (s) mentioned above and wait for the Terre Bianche customer service to provide him with instructions on what to do. A customer who decides to return a product in the cases mentioned above at his own expense without contacting customer service in advance and without waiting for instructions on what to do will not be able to request any reimbursement of expenses incurred in Terre Bianche (and Terre Bianche declines as of 'now all responsibility for any return shipments made without your authorization).

In the event that an order shipped or about to be shipped from Terre Bianche to the buyer is lost or disappeared, or in the event that the buyer claims to have never received the ordered goods (despite the monitoring data of the shipment or the carrier's data shows the opposite), a complaint procedure will be initiated with the carrier. Before obtaining any refund or making a new shipment, it will be necessary to wait for the result of the procedure in question. The buyer must cooperate fully in the complaint procedure with the carrier. If a shipment has been lost due to an error attributable to the carrier (and once the complaint procedure has been completed with the carrier), Terre Bianche will refund the customer or try to return the ordered product.

If a shipment is not delivered to the buyer's address (or to the pick-up point) within 14 days from the shipping date, the buyer will be obliged to notify the Terre Bianche customer service by e-mail within 14 days ( therefore, no later than 28 days from the date of shipment).

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