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Terre Bianche 

Precious Hazelnuts from Piedmont

         Our farm with its IGP products

From 1980 our tradition, our life, our passion

               Much more than a product

Hazelnuts characteristics 


Dried fruit is a product that is mainly used for cooking and can be used as “strategic” alimentation. 

The hazelnuts is under this category thanks to his numerous and multiple properties. It helps our organism to be up against the raise up of some pathologies. 


The Projects


There are many projects in our company but the main one is the implementation of technologies to protect the landscape and the territory: thanks to the reuse of of manufacturing waste, the so called BIOMASS, the kernel wood manure becomes an excellent  sustainable heat and energy source. 

Hazelnuts benefits


Thanks to its amino acids the hazelnuts can counteract heart diseases ( the so called bad cholesterol). Furthermore, it is rich in B and E vitamins, Hiron, Magnesio, Zinc and Potassium. It is also a high energetic fruit thanks to its high fibers content, Omega 9 and carbohydrates, excellent to give our organism a correct and healthy energy supply.



The manufacturing processes such as the shelling, roasting, grinding and sieving allow us to create products that satisfies our clients. 


IGP Certificate 


The lands of our area are the finest and most fertile of the world. Consequently our Company is committed to give them value. The IGP mark guarantees  the origin of the product and the precise geographical location. 

UNESCO Heritage


Our hills, based on traditions and agricultures, in 2016  had been proclaimed UNESCO heritage, consolidating our values and our territory roots, defining them protected and certificated area. 

By choosing us your will have the warranty of a product of controlled and certified origin. 

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